It Started With You


Kane Marshall
It all began with a cow. 
Okay, this is one of those chicken and egg moments.
First there was the ogling.
Then came the cow. One huge cow. 
I was only trying to save her. 
The woman. Not the cow. 
That ended in disaster. 
For me. Not her.
Who knew this could get so embarrassing?

Angelica Hart
It all began with a bull. He’ll tell you it was a cow.
He thinks he was saving me from it. 
But someone should have saved it from him. 
We met under strange circumstances.
Circumstances that ended up shattered on the ground: literally.
I swear you can’t make this stuff up. 
I wanted to forget him, but fate, or maybe it was concussion intervened. 
Who knew this could get so complicated?
This is our story. 



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OMG, this book tugged at my heart. Adrian is so sexy, so hot, so incredible but so tortured and so filled with self loathing. It broke my heart in parts and made me happy in others. I am so glad that Adrian finally gives into his feelings for Faith as they're an amazing couple. I absolutely loved this story and couldn't put it down. Jacqui as always 10 out of 10 you should be so proud of yourself


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