Being Me (A Novella)

Formerly part of the Love Is Love Anthology


Published June 1, 2019

Being Me_ebook cover.jpg


For over a decade I’d been living a lie

They say the truth will set you free

They lied…

The TRUTH resulted in my wife’s death

Now I am free from my lie

But I’d never be free of my guilt

Until I met HIM

Suddenly crunching numbers had lost their appeal

He counted more…

More than I realised

He makes me feel alive

But I’m scared too….



I didn’t believe in love

I’d spent my life avoiding relationships

NOT for me

There was no such thing as: The One…

He was only meant to balance my books

Not rock my world

For the first time I wanted more

With HIM

I was in charge, in control always

I felt needy, yet alive

More alive than ever before

That was a first…

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